• MIM/FIM Health Check

    MIM/FIM Health Check

    Your Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) 2016 installation is humming along, but will it continue to do so? Are there underlying problems that aren’t being addressed? Problems that could cause it to break? Maybe your environment is starting to run more slowly? Do you know if it is running? Or if it is running but producing errors? […]

  • MIM/FIM Best Practices Review

    MIM/FIM Best Practices Review

    MIM/FIM Best Practices Review will include a report with findings and recommendations to improve speed, accuracy and long term maintainability, while reducing risk: Account Lifecycle Approach Group Management Approach Code Maintenance Code Patterns Rules Extensions MV Deletion Rules Deprovisioning rules Attribute Flows Sync Rules Sets Management Policy Rules Search Scopes Workflows

  • Customized MIM/FIM Operations Manual

    Customized MIM/FIM Operations Manual

    Let us create a Customized Operations Manual for MIM/FIM  that will spell out what to do when and how: Daily Weekly Monthly Semi Annual Annual

  • Cloud Identity Strategy

    Cloud Identity Strategy

    The Cloud, Mobility, Internet of Things, and Big Data have changed the world of IT and how we can best do Identity Management. Do you really know what cloud apps your people are using? We can actually tell you! Do you have SSO with your cloud apps? How about automated provisioning? Hackers are getting more […]

  • MIM/FIM Fixed-fee Prevaintenance

    MIM/FIM Fixed-fee Prevaintenance

    If you could design a MIM/FIM maintenance package it would look like this: Proactively solve most problems before they happen Experts available to react when problems do occur Fixed fee We have a formula we use so that you will know the price each year depending on MIM servers Users Groups Systems managed (Management Agents) Hire the […]