• What is Identity Management?

    Identity Management rescues IT workers from drudgery and saves organizations money by using existing data sources (such as Payroll) to automatically create and manage user accounts, distribution lists and security groups; enabling employees to reset their own forgotten passwords; and providing single sign-on (SSO) to reduce the number of passwords people need to remember and retype. Identity Management can save money, improve compliance and increase security.

  • Do we need Identity Management?

    Three Factors about your organization determine whether Identity Managed LLC can have a positive impact on your bottom line:

    • # of Identities to manage (employees, contractors, customers, partners)
    • % Turnover among those identities
    • Regulation: HIPAA, PCI, SOX, FERPA, GLBA, Gaming industry, CIP, NERC

    The first chart below shows the gross estimated annual savings from a full identity management implementation based on size and turnover ratios for non-heavily regulated organizations. The second chart shows the same for heavily regulated organizations.

    Identity Management ROI
    Gross estimated annual savings from a full IdM implementation
    ROI Legend

    Identity Management ROI

    For example, consider a utility company (typically 7% turnover and heavily regulated). The chart shows that automated identity management is not worthwhile for under 1000 employees, could be worthwhile for 1000-3000 employees, probably worthwhile for 3000-5000 employees and definitely worthwhile for over 5000 employees.

    2013 Total Employee Turnover Rate by Industry (U.S.)
    All Industries 15.1%
    Banking & Finance 17.2%
    Healthcare 16.8%
    Hospitality 29.3%
    Insurance 10.4%
    Manufacturing & Distribution 13.3%
    Not-for-Profit 15.3%
    Services 15.2%
    Utilities 7.2%

    Source of above chart: http://www.compensationforce.com/2014/02/2013-turnover-rates-by-industry.html


  • Why choose Identity Managed LLC?


    David, our founder, is a 12-time Microsoft Identity Management Most Valuable Professional and has implemented and/or overseen over 100 Identity Management projects.

    Joe Zamora authored the first whitepaper on how to make custom workflows with MIM back when it was calledFIM R2 Best Practices Volume 1 v7_9139861_cover-3D ILM 2 Beta 2.


    David literally wrote the book on Microsoft Identity Management: FIM Best Practices Volume 1. Both Joe and David have presented at numerous conferences. You won’t find our consulting team having any difficulty communicating with your team.


    David haHandshake 660s a master’s in business and has been building and leading teams of Identity Management consultants since 2007. He has carefully mapped out the company’s business processes in order to maximize value delivered to our clients. To help with this we selected and implemented Accelo to streamline our internal and client facing processes and give our clients a portal to hold documents and communicate status.